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Common Additions to Arizona Homeowners Insurance Quotes

Arizona homeowners insurance quotes can be as detailed or as general as you like. If you have a good idea of the coverage you need for you home, you can specify all the different policy amendments and dollar amounts you require. If you’re not sure of the exact terms you want, or you haven’t purchased a house yet but want to get an idea of how much it would cost to insure it, you can get Arizona homeowners insurance quotes based on a few pieces of information like the location, square footage, and the selling price of the house.


Homeowners insurance isn’t mandatory in Arizona, but it’s usually required as a condition of your mortgage. When you’re looking for Arizona homeowners insurance quotes in order to satisfy the requirements of your mortgage, it’s only necessary to insure it up to the dollar value of the mortgage. You may want to increase that amount to include any equity you have in the house as well, and increase the amount of liability insurance.

Other Coverage to Consider

If the Arizona homeowners insurance quotes you receive don’t have all the coverage you desire, you can ask for additional riders to be added to your quote in order to have the coverage you’re looking for. Here are a few common optional coverage choices for Arizona homeowners from

Flood Insurance

If a plumbing pipe bursts, your insurance policy will cover the damage from the water damage it causes. That’s not the case for damage to your house due to an actual flood. It is possible to purchase flood insurance on the private market, but it’s hard to find and prohibitively expensive. Flood insurance is usually purchased from FEMA through the National Flood Insurance Program.

Lightning Insurance

Insurance against fire damage is the original reason for homeowner policies to be written. Your policy covers you for fires, but it may not include coverage for lightning strikes. If you policy doesn’t have lightning insurance, you can usually add it for a nominal fee. It includes coverage for damage to electronic equipment and appliances if there’s an electrical surge from a lightning strike as well.

Earthquake Coverage

Policies vary, but most don’t cover your home for earthquake damage unless you take out an additional rider. Some policies have earth subsidence coverage, which is different. That insures you if the ground shifts underneath your home and causes structural damage, usually due to unsuitable soil underneath the building’s foundation.

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