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Pennsylvania car insurance

Having car insurance is a legal requirement in Pennsylvania as it is in most countries in the world. However, what is particularly unique and Pennsylvania is that there are quite specific car insurance requirements. In short, the law regarding car insurance in Pennsylvania states the cover that must be purchased and maintained by law. It then suggests what car insurance coverage is optional for drivers. This makes Pennsylvania pretty unique but does serve to protect those who are affected by someone else’s driving in some way.


Pennsylvania law states that you must have four different types of coverage on your car insurance from Most reputable car insurance companies will ensure that your cover is adequate taking into account where you live. However, it is always worthwhile checking your policy to make sure that you are fully legal.


You must have at least limited if not full tort coverage. This enables you to recover certain costs such as out of pocket medical expenses following an accident. Full tort coverage gives you addition rights to sue for pain and suffering. Claims are only applicable when the driver who is cover is not at fault for the accident. This coverage was introduced by the state of Pennsylvania in an attempt to reduce pain and suffering lawsuits that were being bought to court.


In addition to this you must have at least $5000 of property damage liability insurance that cover to cover the cost of any damage that you cause to someone else’s property when you are at fault. In reality, most insurance companies will offer a much higher limit that this minimum.


Bodily injury liability is the third car insurance cover that is legally required in Pennsylvania State. This covers the cost of any medical injuries that someone else suffers at the fault of the insured person. The minimum legal cover level is $15000 for injuries to one person and there must be at least £30000 coverage for any single incident.


Finally, Medical benefits cover is a legal requirement in Pennsylvania on Car Insurance. This is purely to cover the medical bills of anyone who suffers injuries due to actions of the insured person and the minimum coverage level is $5000.


There are a whole host of optional car insurance covers in Pennsylvania including (but not limited to) uninsured motorist, underinsured motorist, income loss and comprehensive coverage. Depending on your personal circumstances it is certainly worth considering some of the optional insurance coverage available even though they are not a legal requirement.

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